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We offer unlimited ways to get paid with our 5 rewards plan. Our platform is both a Binary and Unilevel with a very exciting compensation plan to go along with amazing products. With BR35 and you are paid on direct sales and 1 level over overrides from the Unilevel Sales Bonus. If you would like the opportunity to receive a higher income and earn more ways, we have a number of packages to choose from with very affordable pricing. All our packages come with product. In order to do our live demo you will need the product that you will receive in your package. After reviewing this website, please fill out the form on our CONTACT page to get more information or to get started.



  1. PRODUCT RETAIL REWARD - You get paid on individual product sales. Enjoy up to a 40% discount on all your purchases as distributor.
  2. FAST TRACK REWARD - Sponsor a new business partner and earn 10% of the CV (commissionable value) of the package of your directly sponsored partner. We have 3 business packages, the Silver (205 CVs), the Gold (1025 CVs) and the Platinum (6765 CVs). You are paid 10% of the package price.
  3. DUAL TEAM REWARD - When you have 205 CVs on the left and 205 CVs on the right, you are paid a matching reward. The higher the package you purchase along with the higher the package you sell, the more you can earn. The good news is is that you can upgrade your package at any time. You can get up to 16 matching pairs per level, per package. You can purchase multiple packages. Your sponsor will be the sponsor of all your packages.
  4. UNILEVEL SALES REWARD -  When you sell products, each product has a PV (Purchase Value). You are even paid this rewards on your personal product orders. You can earn up to 15% of the PV. You also are paid on a number of levels from your team sales. The amount of levels you are paid is based on your Rank status.
  5. STAIR STEP REWARD - Earn from everyone in your network and enjoy unlimited income. Your direct's Eagle Rank allocation = the percentage of the Group Sales (based on PV) that will be your income. Your Eagle Rank is based on your personal and team sales. The higher your Eagle Rank, the higher your percentage you will receive. This is further explained in the detailed Compensation Plan.

Network Marketing has created more millionaires than any other industry. It's an amazing way for people to start a business without having a lot of money. The same goes for BR35 GLOBAL CORP. We have identified some of the reasons why people don't succeed. Many times it's the products being sold. You can say they're great and amazing, but can you prove it in the few minutes you have while presenting your products and program to others? We solved that challenge.

BR35 Global Corp has put together a very duplicatable and powerful live demonstration that just about anyone can do. When your prospects see this demo, they want to sign up, get the product or in many cases, both. The person that invited you to this website can explain how our demo works and why it's so powerful. People will see a difference in our feature product over the competitors in a matter of seconds. Our feature product also offers many additional benefits as well. We don't need to sell anything, we replace what people are already using with something better and it could save them money. What a great combination.​


  • Multiple unlimited purchases allowed. Each purchase will add another position to your binary. If you are the sponsor of the distributor, you will also receive the direct sale bonus for each package they order and keep ordering. This is residual income.
  • There's no capping in this binary. You can earn as much as you want.
  • You can earn up to 16 matching pairs per level through infinite levels deep in your binary.
  • No monthly fees. 
  • Earn an additional rewards as you refer more people.



Are you looking for an exciting income opportunity with a low start-up fee, but BIG earnings? If so, we have something for you and it's easy. All you need to do is learn a 15  minute demonstration and you will be amazed at what happens. Invite people to your demo and most will want to be a distributor or a customer right away, it's that powerful.

​​Most distributors purchase packages every other month, because this is a highly residual product. Some purchase more frequently, due to their personal needs. The Silver package in the USA is $47, which includes your product and shipping. In the Philippines your cost P1550, plus P250 if you need it shipped. Other locations around the world it's $57, which includes your product with shipping. This is a very low start-up fee for a business that also comes with product.

Spillover in this binary is very common, because the distributors and customers keep ordering packages when needed. Consider this incredible residual income. Spillover is when someone above you places people below you. Not only will that person be part of your binary, everyone they sponsor will be part of your binary. This is huge!! 

You are not required to sponsor someone on your left and right side to earn a match. When someone above you places people below you or they personally invest in a package that will be placed below you, that will count toward your match. A match occurs when you have 205CVs on the left team and 205CVs on the right team. 


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What's exciting about this program is that most people that see the demo want to get involved. Our comp plan takes this opportunity to another lever.. Let's take a closer look at our compensation.