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NOTE: This website is not a corporate website from BreakRoad35. Our products are not medicinal drugs and should not be used to treat symptoms of any disease.‚Äč

BR35 Global is a world-class enterprise that markets the best quality and affordable products that are recognized for its excellence.

As every big success always starts with a small beginning, BR35 Global started as a humble stall in Pasig, Philippines, and began to grow into what it is today, a globally competitive distributor of health-promoting products throughout most nations. We are now incorporated in the USA, Philippines and Canada.

BR35 Global is strongly dedicated to fulfilling its vision of bringing he best quality life-changing products to those around the world.

This website is about to change your life!! We have a proven marketing system that works. How would you like to get paid just by sharing very important information with others? You share information all the time with your friends and family. Why not get paid to do it?

Are you looking for an exciting income opportunity with a low start-up fee, but BIG earnings? If so, we have something for you and it's easy. All you need to do is learn a 20 minute demonstration and you will be amazed at what happens. Invite people to your demo and most will want to be a distributor or a customer right away, it's that powerful.

Our structure includes a binary and unilevel platform. This is how you can get the best of both worlds. What makes our comp plan so powerful is our feature product, "PurEssence". When you have the #1 product in the world in it's industry, it doesn't get much easier. This product is highly residual, increasing your earnings potential.

Women are going to love this. If you're male, you might say this is not for me. Well let me share a few things with you. 

  1. Men are the top producers.
  2. When I looked at BR35 Global, I thought the same about being a male. I realized this should not be a private matter. I also realized that just about every female I know must be experiencing discomfort and possibly being exposed to damaging chemicals. The state of New York just passed a Bill that sanitary napkin companies will need to disclose chemicals in their product on within the labeling. I'm happy to say that "PurEssence" is all natural with no chemicals. In fact, no chemicals have ever been used in the history of this product.
  3. I realized this is not just an income opportunity, it's about cervical cancer and poison awareness, such a rewarding opportunity. How many women do you know need to hear about this?

At BR35 Global, we provide amazing support and intense training to help you succeed. We realized that you might be sponsored by a new person and both of you need assistance and guidance. Our online training program will make it much easier for you to succeed. All you need to do is be focused and be willing to learn.

Warmest regards,

Steve Hoffman

VP of Global Operations

BR35 Global Corp


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