MyPurebaby includes an Acquisition Distribuion Layer (ADL), which improves the distribution of liquid. Our ADL also prevents accumulation of moisture on the surface, keeping your baby feeling dry. MyPurebaby is 20 times more absorbent than most other diapers. There are reports of babies staying dry for more than 8 hours and sleeping through the night.

Integrated into this diaper is Wetness Indicator Technology, so that you can be assured that your baby is truly comfortable and protected.

Finally, not all diapers include a negative ion strip. There are many known benefits with negative ions. The negative ions will help prevent bacteria and diaper rash. Do your research and you will see MyPurebaby is like no other diaper. It makes a great baby shower gift. 

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You finally have a diaper with cutting-edge technology. Babies can now experience a cottony-soft diaper. We're sure you would love your baby to have a more comfortable experience.

MyPurebaby is a super-absorbent diaper designed to maximize comfort and protection. This what we all want for our babies.

Important: This product is not a medicinal drug and should not be used to treat symptoms of any disease.

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