WOMEN, is your sanitary napkin or tampon poisoning you every month? The good news is we have the solution. Please share this website with your friends. Get back with the person that invited you to this site. Ask them to do a live demonstration.

  • All natural.
  • No bleach, naturally white.
  • Helps prevents cramps and pain.
  • Helps prevent odor.
  • Prevents spreading of bacteria.
  • Stays dry throughout the day.
  • Helps prevent cervical cancer.
  • Absorbent polymer gel that could put an end to back flow.
  • So much more comfortable.

PureEssence Premium Feminine Pads Video in Spanish.

Women, whether your a teenager, profession or a mother, you all have one thing in common


​Your typical menstrual cycle will be 38 years, almost half a lifetime.

How would you like to feel dry all day? PurEssence 8 layers can keep you dryer than the current pad you're using. This means you don't have to change you pad as frequently as you normally do. In addition, you will feel cooler and more confident. Layer number 5 is a polymer gel that's all natural. You can place our polymer gel from our regular pad into a glass filled with 300 ML and it will absorb it all. Try doing that with your current pad.

PurEssence is all natural. It's not made with any recycled trash, such as newspapers or magazines. 

Many pads are bleached white. PurEssence is naturally white. Bleach is a "Dioxin", one of the strongest man made poisons. Do you want that anywhere near your body?

PurEssence is our breakthrough sanitary napkin that addresses not just the hygienic demands of a woman during her ‘period’, but also her health and well-being through the pad’s Anion (negative ion) strip. 

PurEssence has eight layers of natural protection and comfort, giving our women that relaxed, clean and healthy feeling, all-day long!

ANION, is known to rejuvenate and revitalize the body’s systems and cells, improving overall strength and vitality.

Anions, or negative ions, are produced mostly in nature, and are biologically beneficial.

They can strengthen immunity, increase blood circulation, improve metabolism, provide relief from asthma and allergies and enhance concentration among others.

Their electrodes easily attach to the surface of bacteria and germs, producing low electric currents that eliminate these bad elements and suppress further multiplication, achieving the effects of bacteria eradication and sterilization.

As a frontline to our “We Say Yes!"  campaign, our "We Say Yes, Women!" campaign centers on women empowerment, to help them achieve improved health and better wealth. 

The “We Say Yes Women!” aims to help spread awareness on these threats, including the diseases one can get from using conventional sanitary napkins, especially cervical cancer. 

We are partnering with different medical institutions and non-government organizations with health advocacies, to advance the welfare of empowered women in our society. Without the proper education on the health hazards, continued use of these pads may pose imminent risks to the health of our women.

DISCLAIMER: This website is not a corporate website from BreakRoad35. This is not a medicinal drug and should not be used to treat symptoms of any disease.


"We say yes" campaign

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  • Bleach is used to whiten your pad.
  • Do you have cramps and pain?
  • Do you have odor?
  • Can cause bacteria, dioxins and germs.
  • Do you experience dampness?
  • Could contribute to cervical cancer.


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CLICK HERE for the SGS Lab results. SGS is one of the leading testing labs in the world. We back it up in writing. All natural, no chemicals are used.

PureEssence Product Awareness Video

PureEssence Premium Feminine Pads Video in English.

PurEssence is not a medicinal drug and should not be

used to treat symptoms of any disease.

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