By using pantyliner everyday my legs became firm. I have clearer face and my skin became mire radiant. I am a twice diabetic stroke survivor since 2008 and 2012. Since the time I started using "Blue Life" my metabolism became okay. I am having a three times pass motion in a day. 

Rowena S.

Camiling, Philippines

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I have fibroids. At the onset of my cycle I started getting that familiar pain. I immediately thought about PurEssence pads. Once I used it, the pain went away. I tested it the next cycle and went back to the old stuff I was using. Instant pain and discomfort. I made the switch back to PurEssence, pain began to subside. I became a committed user and advocate for these pads and panitliners! 

Desiree A.

Tallahassee, FL US

Product: Pads and Panty Liners

I was told that negative ION strip in Sanitary Pad has only "placebo effect " any case, I used the product for my Endometriosis symptoms and amazingly, it works! its 100 percent effective from pain of 10 I used to have, it went to 0, I didn't have the dysmenorrhea, severe contraction at all after using the PurEssence Sanitary pads with negative ION thank you Breakroad35 International, You made me live again!!!

M. Rizz

Cebu, Philippines

Product: PurEssence pads and Pantyliner

Amazing experience. My daughter normally vomits and have heavy bleeding and always in need of pain pills and a heating pad. This time she said mom I don't have any pain and the wings and the coverage on the pad was so perfect. I started showing my friends the pad demonstrating it's coverage and unique design and packaging design.

Anetral H. 

Houston, TX.

Product: PurEssence

My period used to be 4 days, plus 3 days of spotting. Now it's 3 days and no spotting. There is no odor and the pad stays dry most of the day.

Rizza H.

Cebu, Philippines

Product: PurEssence

A miracle happened to my wife...Thank You LORD AND PURESSENCE. After 10 days of using PurEssence Panytliner, my wife's Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) is gone. We couldn't afford the 100 pesos a day prescription they told her she needed. After that we decided to trust PurEssence and the Lord. 

Artcher M.


Product: PurEssence

Few months ago I was suffering from pain because of my monthly period. Then I used PurEssence reg napkin and now I feel no stress, relax, no odor, and even I'm feeling dry when i use it. No more worries anymore. Even in my work I feel better than before.


Jasmin S.

Laguna, Philippines

Product: PurEssence Regular Pads and Panty Liners

I use to have menstrual pains serious one that I will be crying one day my mother brought puressence sanitary pads for me immediately I put the pain stop since I started using puressence sanitary pads I feel no pains again I say yes to puressence.

Susan W.


Product: PurEssence Regular Pads

Aside from PurEssence Napkins, One of our favorite Products in BreakRoad35 International is our Blue Life Alkaline Drops because this help my wife to maintain her potassium level to prevent her health problems attacks called "Hypokalemia (Hypokalemic Periodic Paralysis) "Potassium Deficiency a silent killer Dr says. God Knows this product is one of a kind.God Bless everyone.

Gary Z.
Product Blue Life Alkaline Drops

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